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PVP isn't supposed to be balanced on an individual basis, because PVE isn't balanced on an individual basis. Crusaders can roll into a heroic dungeon at level and practically solo it. Mages and scouts can't do anything close.

The game has always been balanced around raiding, be it PVE or PVP. Pretty much every class is EXTRAORDINARILY USEFUL in a raid setting on PVP, even in battlegrounds.

ITT: OP complains about squishies being squishy. Make friends and roll with them. Threatening to switch games is ineffective against a company. They already have your money. Subscriptions cover maintenance, one less person is cheaper for them.

inb4 no population on pvp servers, etc


Jaraxx tells you, 'Why did you die? Man up. Ask for DI from your priests'

You tell Jaraxx, 'I had a "save" running..'
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