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  • Alternate advancements and other items/abilities that modify spells will now increase both the PVE and PVP versions of the spell.

Congratulations on fixing something that you stated was functional with GU60 on JUNE 18th, 2011.  Why it takes you 51 days to fix something obviously not working is again beyond me.  Non-the-less it will be fixed soon and you are about to see the remaining PvP population disappear, unless you really... for once... focus on the PvP balance and gear and do something quick.  If missing jewlery/weapons are going to address the balance, get on it and release them already.  Current fighter/scouts function this way with their Autoattacks.... but that's not my class and I would rather play my class right then complain again about another classes DPS method.

If this wasn't considered the all time PvP/BG low... the release of DoV was with completely broken PvP combat.  Whoever attacked first, won.... it was like a first person shooter out there.  This fix will increase my base damage anywhere from 15% - 25% in PvP combat.  I imagine similar numbers will be seen with other mage types.  With current broken AA's in PvP... I really have no issues blowing someone up in a few seconds, so this change only will set us back to pre GU60 first person shooter style.  Did you fix this after doing some testing?  Or was it fixed cause you noticed they weren't working and went, "oh crud, oops!  no testing at all is needed, fixed... done and done.  whew!"   I'm on test... tell me what I can do to help you test this.  If I could fight myself, I'd share my findings... otherwise, there's no one there.

Mages are used to being scout/fighter speed bumps, so we don't have the glass egos most fighter/scouts do and are able to figure out ways to surive a lopsided world.  Once fighter/scouts start getting smoked by mages on a regular basis.... they'll rage quit... flaming and crying till their subscription ends.

I preordered something else yestereday.... gg SoE... gg.

The PvP issues are known and will be worked on "when time allows".


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