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It is bad enough that these mounts were added in, and that you WON'T GET RID OF THEM, but they make it so you can't be killed in pvp (although the insane run speeds do the same thing)

Make it so that the jumping mounts are like the flying mounts, so a 50% chance to ground them.

you can get grounded on jumping mounts... its the same chance as flying mounts... already in place

Really?  well it must be pretty different then because i hit people on flying mounts 2 or 3 times and they can't fly away... i see someone on a jumper and i hit them 30+ times and then they go hopping along on their merry way.  So with the flying mounts it is 50% chance to ground them... is it like 5% chance with the leapers or something?

SOE math i would presume....  The same reason procs like from Rune Etched Helm and the similar proc from the TSO PVP jewelry item (cant remember name off top of my head) are polar opposites as far as actual proc rate..

Rune Etched helm which has a smaller ward and a lower "proc per minute" rating given by SOE procs so much to have been considered OP and was nerfed... still proc's tremendously after the nerf... the PVP item with a Higher "proc per minute" and a higher ward amount proc's so seldom that wearing or not gives you about the same result... its considered worthless...

SOE math and broken items is my guess...

All I know is that when I'm in KP on my jumping mount and I jump into a force of opposition, I try to jump away and pretty much every time I get hit, I drop to the ground and am forced to run, while 5/6 people in that full group can still jump on leapers and ravage my skull....

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