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  1. Almost no itemization for ranger. What? Anyone saw any bow in epic quest reward? Lets take away all those +melee crit, +slahing and other +melee items from the game. And all melee and casters weapons from epic quest. Lets make all equall, don't you agree?
  2. To be like other scouts/predator we need hi-end gear which is cause of #1 is impossible to gain for 90% of player - so you just restrict 90% of customers to play ranger on fullest. Lets take away 90% of melee and caster items. Lets make all equall, don't you agree?
  3. There is no other class in game so expensive as ranger: poisons + arrows cost a fortune. So again, you force only a rich ones customers to play ranger (or mb it's just some support for plat sellers eh?). Tell me, why does not melee swing or caster nuke costs that much? Lets make all equall, don't you agree?
  4. We have no items (at least I don't heard anyone on world ranger channel found it) that proc on ranged. Lets take away all procs from melee. Lets make all equall, don't you agree?
  5. For our HO to trigger we must use melee. Lets take melee HO to ranged? Make all equall, don't you agree?

Lets NOT make all equal, if we did then there'd be no point having 24 classes.Don't you agree? 

I want all classes to be equall in terms of dps, cost and items. We could be different by playstyle.

1. While I agree that it should be easier to find +ranged and +ranged crit items, they DO exist. The bow is a well-known issue, and will quite possibly be addressed with the epic quests in RoK.

They DO exists? Ok, how about me remove all +melee items to the point they will be as rare as +ranged? They WOULD exist too, you know? Will be very rare, but you don't talking about rarity, right?

2. ALL classes are dependant on items. Don't pretend like you're the only ones who are reliant on gear. Once you've got your masters, the ONLY thing that you can do to increase your DPS is to get better gear. Case in point - My Troubador went from 100-200 DPS from auto-attack to now having 500-600 DPS from auto-attack. How? I got better weapons. Grouping is a completely different issue.

It was already stated in this thread: assassin and scouts can do almost the same dps with mediocre gear like range with fabled and very rare gear. Lets switch the positions? Lets all melee and casters got their nice weapons extreemely rare to get (like rangers atm) and ranges get full hand of bows like we have it with melee/nuke weapons? I like that idea.

3. Other scouts have to pay for poisons as well and ALL classes get to pay for potions. Arrows were recently changed to not be consumed by CAs. While I realise that you're going to use more arrows than other clases because you're a RANGED class, you DO have a skill which gets your arrows back, and another one which summons arrows. It's not perfect, and I don't beleieve it will be enough summoned arrows to cover your uses. But it is more than anyone else gets. My troub goes through alot of arrows as well.

Oh... So you like to catch one word from the sentence? That will not work with me. Again: poisons + ARROWs. See it? Arrows! Yes! And you troub tend to use arrows as well? Well you must clearly understand the difference in amount of arrows troub or assassin use compared to ranger. And the costs difference of each attack too.

4. I know the manacles of dark sky will proc on ranged. It's a stiffle rather than damage, but it is a proc that works on ranged. Also your bow will proc, and they proc ALOT due to the long delay on bows. Also, what happens if you get items to proc off your bow attack? They'll proc on almost every other attack, increasing your DPS even more than it is now. Then before long we're back to having hundreds of NERF RANJA!!1 threads. What happens when everyone wants a class nerfed? Yup thats right. They get nerfed. You WANT your class to be nerfed again?

Ok, agree here. I put it in wrong way. I wanted to have more items with various procs on them which will cause triggered by ranged - this way we could have more items for rangers. So yeah - it's all about itemization again. I want the full load of items with procs like melee do!

5. If you're not in melee range then you're not DPSing to your full potential. Get into melee range and you wont have a problem triggering HOs.

Oh yeah? And why is ranger who specialized on using a BOW to deal attack should run into melee to trigger their HO? Lets force casters to go into melee and start swinging their staves to trigger HO too! I think this will be fair enough.

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