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Ok, as someone said - there were a really good points about rangers. Tho I think it's useless to wait any devs to answer here I just prey they at least read this thread. My only wish now is... no... not the ranger itemization, buffs, procs, HO or cheaper shots - I really want to know what that man who designed ranger class is thinking now? I'm a professional developer and when I see users feedback me that my app does such problems I know what cause it: an architecture design flaw. It's not a bug. It's a architecture flaw. In wich case simple patch won't do - you need to redesign some architectures parts to make system work as intend. I really want to look into ranger class architector's face and ask him what the hell he was thinking? Look:
  1. Almost no itemization for ranger. What? Anyone saw any bow in epic quest reward? Lets take away all those +melee crit, +slahing and other +melee items from the game. And all melee and casters weapons from epic quest. Lets make all equall, don't you agree?
  2. To be like other scouts/predator we need hi-end gear which is cause of #1 is impossible to gain for 90% of player - so you just restrict 90% of customers to play ranger on fullest. Lets take away 90% of melee and caster items. Lets make all equall, don't you agree?
  3. There is no other class in game so expensive as ranger: poisons + arrows cost a fortune. So again, you force only a rich ones customers to play ranger (or mb it's just some support for plat sellers eh?). Tell me, why does not melee swing or caster nuke costs that much? Lets make all equall, don't you agree?
  4. We have no items (at least I don't heard anyone on world ranger channel found it) that proc on ranged. Lets take away all procs from melee. Lets make all equall, don't you agree?
  5. For our HO to trigger we must use melee. Lets take melee HO to ranged? Make all equall, don't you agree?
Dam I'm so angry cause of that unfairness! I really wish SOE transfer some of their powers to fix broken class isntead of doing RoK.
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