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First I am going to compare how our damage works to our counterparts, and let me say when you balance the two classes on CA's/auto attack alone (before LU3SMILEY they come out to be equal. The CA damage between assassins and rangers is similar but the casting time is not, we have a much higher cast time thus our auto attack is higher to compansate.Second let me state that currently rangers received a justified nerf to melee weapons procing off ranged, and let us all agree this is NOT the issue at all. Our issue is on itemization and the lack of buffs that effect ranged.    When looking at itemization all other classes have easier times with +slash/pierce/crush/spell mods, there are "few" +ranged modifiers in the game currently. Also, the cost of ammunition still, no other class has a cost beyond poisons or pearls to play there class. And when trying to get DT ammo it drops off an extreemly rare loot table of Tnax/drake from DT. Even many seasoned players still do not have there DT ammo and they are clearing EH.Stating that the classes are balanced without any group buffs. It does not make sense that rangers cannot use things like the procs wizards/warlocks give, or being unable to use the druid dps/haste buffs or adding a +ranged to modifiers that wardens give. Afew last words to remember, every DW class just got a giant boost with DW as well as the way procs work.. The difference is astronomical (I spelled that right my first time WOW).
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