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Rangers are a very different class than all others in the game, and I think this is where the big issue/problem comes in.  Thinking about the damage that I do, I can come up with only a couple of my CA's that routinely do more damage than my autoattack.  I raid but I'm not a high end raiding ranger, I have decent equipment and my autoattack typically averages about 3000 damage.  The only CA's that average more than that are Triple Volley (1 min timer) , Vieled Fire (90 sec timer), Rain of Arrows (group AE, 3 minute timer), Selection (45 sec - 1 min timer) and Snipers Shot (15 minute timer) and Rangers Blade (melee 90 sec timer).  I think I've got them all, but correct me if I'm wrong.  

So this basically means that I'm using all my other CA's as ‘something to do' between Autoattacks.  Four of the above attacks I have to be in stealth to perform so this means I really have to time when I go into stealth (cause stealth turns off attacks) so that I do not delay an autoattack any more than necessary.  Snipers shot has such a long cast time that using it will typically cause you to miss out on 2-3 autoattacks, so most rangers typically ignore that one.  

How many other classes have more than half of their damage causing CA's do less damage to the mob than their autoattack and on such long cool down timers?  Is one of the changes that need to be made to the ranger class an upgrade in CA damage?  This still would not fix the itemization, but could put the average ranger on more equal footing with the other average scouts.

Good point there. AFter LU-13 the devs let most of our damage come from procs. That was how our CAs did damage. Triple could proc three times. They removed that mechanic but did not up the damage. Oh yeah, they threw us a bone by upping miracle, confounding, and Lunging joust. Whoopee! Arguable our best CA - triple arrow- is woefully pathetic in damage. Especially if one of he arrows miss. That CA probably averages 2k -2.5k. An upgrade in CA damage is not uncalled for or just adjust some itemization so we can proc again and allow buffs to buff ranged.
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