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matmanx1 wrote:
It'd be nice if Master Strikes and HO's could be performed from range.
Just nit-picking a little here. I agree it would be nice but not critical. If you're NOT standing within range to get off melee CAs including master strikes you're nowhere near achieving our damage potential. We are not a 100% ranged class.
While I do agree with your statement the point he's trying to make is that we are lumped into the "Melee Scout" category in that even things as trivial as Master Strikes and HO's don't have a "ranged" component to them.

Agree that these would be nice but not a necessity - the itemization is probably what needs to be looked at.

Standing in melee range is a must in order to maximize your damage potential, but it would be nice to have the master strikes on a ranged attack.  Hitting the master strike does take you out of ranged combat and we have the potential to loose and auto bow attack.  Having to redo the HO counters to where they worked on range attacks would be a nightmare for the programmers and all scout HO's share the same icons - so special Ranger only icons would have to be put in for our ranged attacks, or the ranged attacks themselves would have to reworked to substitute for the standard scout melee attack.

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