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I fully agree with the op. This problem has been brought to light by rangers considering why they are now no where near the top of the parse after the recent update. Duel wield melee scouts now own rangers in fact i saw a quote on ranger forum that optimally geared assassin was parsing 4k while the ranger also optimally geared was parsing 2.8k. Thus with dw changes even Brigands can match rangers on parse. Now consider that Brigands offer mass utility whereas rangers offer 0 utility so should be very near top parse, which they are now not by any means. Rangers very rarely melee and are thus penalised by the likes of the acrylia str ring only proccing from melee. Also arrows are not at the correct lvl for the bows we use thus do not work optimally. In fact the max crafted arrow is lvl 57 thus the likes of the treasured ghostly bow of bylze outperform t7 bows in many circumstances-esp pvp with focus aim period Small fixes such as this would balace things out to the correct conclusion. The Kilj nerf also hurt rangers and this along with the fact many sets dont contain int, ranged or ranged crit show maybe a lack of understanding of the ranger class by the devs.

Also PVP HAS NOT affected PVE. There are seperate rulesets and damages.


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