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As for the OP the reason all the buffs are melee only is found in the history of the ranger. From day one rangers were proc masters because of the game mechanics...i mean a single CA had about a 90% chance to proc caustic poison 3 times. So in order to keep rangers balanced they carefully controlled the procs that ranged attacks had access to. Then LU13 and rangers got more procs, better bow damage, better arrows. Then because of their bows ability to make procs go off not only on every bow CA, but multiple times per CA, rangers became not only the top dps class, but they were in a league of their own. Eventually the developers discovered their error and fixed ranger procs so they were procing on the correct percentages and not at a massively inflated rate however they didn't go back and take the proc restrictions off all the spells listed by the OP even though they had "fixed" bow procs. Now i won't debate that a top end raiding ranger is T1 dps, but the average heroic grouping ranger is severly penalized. I typically group with a swashie and wizi who usually parse around 1.5k dps while my ranger averages 800-900 with 1k being the "best". Honestly even my monk (and fury when not healing) has higher zone wide averages than that. Personally i think a lot of work needs to be done on rangers, either make them work like all the other melee dps classes (except at range) or make them work like a wizard, this inbetween business is causing severe itemization issues and inbalance.
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