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Just thought Id post my 2 cents worth. With the recent changes to dual wielding Ive noted an imbalance. The DW weapons were adjusted, and as the update notes said, two handed weapons were also adjusted to make them still desirable. This has put the squeeze on Rangers. We are 2 handed wielders..( bow= 2 handed). The melee DW classes are now procing more and their DPS is higher, and the 2 handed users are doing a bit better. Rangers get 90% of their DPS from a 2 handed bow and are not helped much at all with the change in DW, so now the DWers dps is going up and the 2 handed users are going up and we stay the same. Squeezed in the middle. Id suggest that bows DPS be adjusted, just as the 2 handed weapons were adjusted, to try and even this out. Just my 2 cents.Buaf 70 Ranger Befallen
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