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There has been a lot of changes to our class in the last couple of updates. They have each been somewhat small but then end result ...something is wrong.

Last night I had a real fustrating time in TNT. Granted this zone is highly resistant etc, it's hard zone...I understand that. The following happened to me during clearing trash at least 4 times:

  • All debuffs ticking (Cover Fire, Vides & Devitalizing - mob pretty much debuffed)
  • Proc from Cloak of Valor ticking
  • Proc from Buckler of the Howler ticking (DPS near 100, not the best group)
  • Focus aim ticking - (ranged skill at 550ish)
  • Bow: Rigid Scale
  • Arrows: Viscus (I also tried field point)

All 4 to 5 auto attacks missed or were parried. When that happens I am basically with the main tank DPS and not really much I can do about it. Again, it's mostly the zone mobs in this case and thats cool, everyone was lower than usual but I was way way way low.  It happens on occasion that we miss or get parried when focus aim is ticking, thats cool. But 4 or 5 times in a row...and not just once but multiple times...kinda strange.

In general I am starting to see some negative effects of the recent changes. 

Ignore it if you want but something doesn't seem right. 

"ya ya ya ... it will be done in 5 minutes."
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