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FuriCuri wrote:
I see all those who whine that rangers are overpowered comming from PvP server. So I suggest those ppl to go look for some other thread for PvP toons and start whining their "rangers are still uber" there. I really don't give a about PvP and the percent of ppl playing PvP is meaningless compared to PvE. So I think devs should sepparate game mechanics for PvP and PvE since there is no way they could balance it both. All I can see now is that PvE rangers hurting cause of PvP and thats really [Removed for Content] me off: it's like being punnished for the crime you never done.
a) the two mechanics ARE seperate and b) YOU WHERE NOT NERFED this update a BUG was fixed, if you can't realise that EVERY SWORD but 1 did not proc on your bow but this ONE sword did was a bug then I don't know what game your playing.

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