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Deterrent wrote:
To start off: althogh our DPS is an issue, it has nothing to do with this.Yeah, itemization for rangers is awful. The devs just seem to be ignoring the fact that we are in fact NOT a melee class.Armor:- + ranged is very rare. For example our EoF gear set does not give any ranged.- Stats are screwed up. There is very, very little INT in our gear. We get huge amounts of virtually obsolete stats (STA, AGI) and little if any INT. For example our EoF Ranger gear set does not give a single point of INT. - + ranged crit is almost impossible to findMelee:- For all quest rewards we get the "scout" item, which is always a melee weapon. So no reward for any of the long questlines (SoD, Claymore, etc).- Virtually all procs are for melee.- All heroic opportunities from meleeBows & arrows:- We are very, very reliant on our bows for damage. Our auto attacks account for something like 40% of our damage.- The availability of bows is horrible. Rangers who aren't in raiding guilds will have to use the Ghostly Bow of Bylze (a lvl 59 treasured bow) at lvl 70. Also the sheer number of bows is tiny in comparison to other weapons.- Bow and arrow mechanics are absolutely abysmal to say the least. If by some miracle you get a T7 fabled bow, it will be performing badly unless you have t8 ammo:
  • T7 arrows (adamantine arrows) are actually level 57.
  • You will only get 100% damage out of your autoattack if the bow is also level 57.
  • So even if you get a level 70 Fabled longbow, for example the Torn Ligament Long bow, you will only be doing 77% of it's potential damage. This means that lower level bows, such as Bylze will easily outparse it.
  • Therefore you pretty much have to have one of the two extremely rare T8 ammo-summoning bows from DT aswell.
  • It also means that the DR on bows is totally and absolutely useless for determining the strength of a bow.
  • Rangers who don't have the time or guild to do hardcore raiding will therefore be stuck with crap bows for life.
  • And of course we have to pay 3-6 silver per attack, depending on the market
I totally agree.  This post sums it up 100%.  It's not like Rangers have one huge issue thats causing massive problems.  It's more like a collection of small problems adding up to cause an unhappy situation.  We need better itemization.  It'd be nice if Master Strikes and HO's could be performed from range.  Why cant I search for items on the broker with +ranged on them?  +Slash, Crush and Pierce is searchable.  Why not ranged?  And so on and so forth.  It's just gotten to the point where it feels like the devs have either forgotten about us or have us lumped with the dual wield scouts, neither of which is acceptable.  Help please.
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