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Encantador wrote:

This will be my last post in this thread because it is in the WRONG forum.

Scared to be wrong some more? 

To quote you ...

Lets for a moment consider what you are saying.

1 : Ranged does not equal Melee. Its a class (not only skill) on its own

TRUE: Ranged attack is more like spell attack.

So you are saying our bow attacks should all be based on our spell crit % and we should be going for gear that procs on successful spell attack?  I'm sure the mages will be happy to hear that.

2 : there are buffs that specifically enhance ranged attack.

There are indeed buffs for ranged attack. Ok not many but a few.

Name one.  Oh, you must mean the DIRGE buff Dissonate Boon, the one that buffs all MELEE abilities?  Kinda goes against all your arguments that ranged is more like a spell, or that Illusionists should get a CoB alternative.

3 : There are buffs that specifically give ranged attacks procs.

There are procs which only fire off ranged attack.

Again name one proc which only fires off ranged attack...keep thinking.

If thats so, please inform me why dirges do not have an alternative for CoB (your exemple) for ranged fights?

Err why should dirges have such a buff? Why not illusionist? or any other class.

Yeah, because with concentration slot requirements, a whole new buff line dedicated to one class is a viable option.

As of LU38..Any assassin, swash or brig worth a crap can parse just as good or better than a ranger.  These classes all have more utility (only a little more in the case of assassin, but rogues have far more) and parse just as well.  Why bring a ranger if you can get the dps + utility in one?
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