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As a ranger who's been playing the class since the game was released and who has now switched a different class because of all the just simply annoying issues with the class, I completely agree with the original poster.My main problem with the class wasnt that you are not capable of great dps, but more that to do the great dps which is so often quoted by people 3.5k zonewide etc, you need a insane amount of very very rare items.Take the prismatic lines - there's now not a single reason for a ranger to do prismatic 1,2,3 or even SOD. The claymore quest did have the kilji which procced of range, now it doesnt so there's no point doing it.I got fed up each tier trying to find the one bow each expansion that will make me do the dps to justify my spot on the raids. I would see assasins and in particular swashys doing amazing dps with pretty common drops, however rangers ALWAYS needed that killer bow to do the same. When you then throw in the need for rare posions, rare arrows, it gets very old fast.As for the buffs and itemisation, it gets very old, you see lots of +melee crit chance items, and lots of procs of melee etc but where the hell are the ranged procs?
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