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Not a fan of 1-click hail, actually. I keyboard a lot, and prefer to tab to the target and just hit 'H' (or is it 'F' ?). So a question... Back in SWG, you could use the 'tick' key (defaults to autoattack in EQ2) to get the radial menu, then use numbers to select the menu option. I really liked this. Just using the 'default action' gets me pretty far along, but there are times when it's just not enough. I suppose there may be UI mods out there that offer something similar for EQ2, but with rare exception, I find the built-in UI to be just fine. Is there an equivalent to that? It's always a drag to have to maul the mouse to get the right-click menu when a couple quick keystrokes would be so much easier. SMILEY
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