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I have been playing a ranger as my main for almost 2 years now and have mainly been a solo/small group player, however, I am now getting to 70 and would like to try some raids and instances a bit more. The arrow issue was never really a problem for me before, but now I am starting to get recurring nightmares of my ranger reaching down to grab an arrow from the quiver only to find there are none left.This whole arrow thing has been grumbling on for ever now. How many of us does it take to say something before the devs actually give a rat's [Removed for Content] and do something about the situation?It would be nice to actually see a red name on the forum or at least SOME confirmation that the situation is being looked at. We can only assume that the arrow mechanic is 'working as intended'.I mean, just look at how many fixes have been put forward in this thread alone! Surely ONE of those would be good enough to solve the problem? I wonder if anybody at SOE even bothers to play a ranger since they are so blind to the problems this causes.In my opinion having stacks of arrows is ridiculous. I mean, how could you possibly carry 2000+ arrows on your back? You would need a bloody horse and cart to lug all those around! So if anybody says "you need arrows in the game for realism" they are talking out of their [Removed for Content].Instead we should have endless quivers that give certain types of damage such as piercing, crushing, slashing. And before anybody says that this would hurt the woodworkers since quivers are tailor made I wouldnt worry. On my server (Nektulos) there are hardly any player made arrows on the broker and they are just too [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] expensive anyway so I dont think they will be too bothered (I am a woodworker btw and I never make arrows cause they are just a waste of time and effort).The funny thing is, people are actually giving up playing rangers and some have even given up EQ2 entirely due to this issue. They just can't afford or can't be bothered with having to worry about not having enough of the thing that allows them to use their combat arts, which is a problem no other classes face. They see the developers lack of interest and think "well if SOE can't be bothered then neither can I, I'm off to play WoW" or something along those lines.One thing that might help is to keep reporting this whole issue as a bug. Do a quick bug report every day with somrthing like "please fix the ranger arrow consumption issue" and just keep doin git till they get the message. If everybody does this every time they log in then it might just ring some alarm bells. I just did mine and it makes me feel a little better.There are numerous things that could be done to solve this problem, and it IS a problem. It's about time we got some help from SOE after all the [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]e they have flung at us.
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