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yah, its sad that i can make nice DPS with my warden and still able to heal as a single healer in instances SMILEYand all that w/o paying 1c to do so. and with 90% treasured gear...  yah, not played my ranger too much lately because of that... SMILEYsad, but i've finally became so tired of the constant arrow and poison hoarding, the warden ezymode really did that for me... sniffAnd we are fine in DPS department? Rofl, maybe, but we still require GOOD gear (espec bow with T8 arrows) and we still have to use LOADS of arrows and LOADS of poisons to get the fine DPS. That is what i dont understand... every caster has the ability to do their DPS as "ranged" like we. Why do we have to be the ONLY class to pay to do it decently (ok, maybe assassins also and other poison users, but... you get teh point SMILEY)++Xan

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