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I have to agree with pretty much everything that has been said in this thread (And I dont even play a ranger).  If they are going to force you to spend that kinda cash to simply play your character your should be out parsing a assn by 1k easy.  Lord knows that if I suddenly had to spend 7s per attack on my swashie this game would get shelved in a heartbeat.  Woodworkers should be able to make specialty arrows by the 99 stack that are better then store bought, then they should drop the store bough price WAY down.  Arrows was the number one thing that stopped me from playing a ranger when I started EQ2 a few months ago.  I could live with the cost and the fact that rangers have no utility if they were absolute top top top top DPS but thats not the case.  It would be nice of SOE at least aknowleged that this is a problem and it is at least written on a sticky not stuck on someones monitor someplace.
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