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Bumping for the rangers who are still dealing with this. I know you'll never read this, Lockeye, but you're losing players because of problems like these. I'm one of them.   SMILEY

I feel so bad for you guys. I hated this when I played Kaeros - in the couple months before I basically shelved EQ2, the arrow shortage was one of my biggest frustrations with playing a ranger. I was raiding regularly and burning through arrows like no tomorrow. I didn't have the time to sit in game and click a button every 10 minutes, and I don't craft or farm for gold.

I loved this class for over a year, but the ongoing frustrations that NO other class has to endure combined with the lackluster DPS (for most of us) and the utter lack of anything "special" about the class (in this game) just wore me down.

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