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Well, I've just spend near to 2 hours reading everyone's posts on here, and couldn't help but say something myself. I've been playing a ranger now for a while, and love the class. I'm not going to go into DPS, there's enough posts on that.
I've got Adept I of Reclaimed Arrows, hopefully I'll get a Master 1 soon (laugh). I hit the button every refresh (I have a buzzer set to go off) and have learned that I can't solo at all without buying arrows. I spend a lot of time LFG, which gives me some time to gather arrows. When I finally find a group, I do as much dmg as I can at range. As soon as I get to about half a quiver, I start acting like a Swashie, and get in close. Thankfully, I'm never in groups that parse, or I don't think I'd have much of a job.
I recently went on a small raid, big fun, first one for me. We took on a couple of Epics in and around Permafrost. I burned about 4k arrows.
So I did a little research, and EQ2Traders has this:
Recipe Book: woodworker essentials volume 63
Primary Component: raw adamantine(1)
•  Adamantine Cluster
Build Component 1: raw rosewood(1)
•  Rough Lumbered Rosewood
Build Component 2: raw hanging roots(1)
•  Hanging Root
Fuel Component 1: Acrylia Sandpaper(4)
Boyer Alexander Kerr in Qeynos Harbor sells these nice little Acrylia Sandpapers at 34s56c. Each.
Not taking into account how much the resources themselves might cost, that's 5s53c per arrow. (3456cx4/25=552.96c)
Current prices are about 5s on NPC vendors.
That's if you produce 25. It's 1s40c if you produce 99. (3456cx4/99=139.6c)
A reasonable price would then be 3-4 silver. Assuming 3 silver per arrow (and 3g per stack), that's 60g for 20 stacks of 99, enough to fill your nice lil' Dragonhide Leather Quiver.
That's also a whopping 20 combines for the woodworker, for a measley 32g profit.  

I personally like the idea of a player market. I'm a Carpenter, I make household goods, and some of them sell. I went carpenter because while I was a craftsman, I was making my own arrows, and fell asleep at the keyboard. (Mind you, this was with crafting at launch...kudos devs for fixing crafting!)
I agree with the others who don't want the Endless Quiver. Oh believe me, I'd love it. I dream of it nightly. But I also dream of a bow that stuns everything like the ghoulbane procs on undead, and lord knows the closest I'm getting is Rain Caller (please please don't nerf my Rain Caller...please?)
A reasonable solution has been posted, have CAs not use arrows. I love it, but from a roleplay perspective, it's a little far-fetched.
I do like the crafting idea though. Not hard to implement, but lets add a new recipie to the woodworker mix. Don't change the old, it'll only confuse things. 1 combine, 2-4 stacks of arrows. Make it a rare recipie, make it not so rare, I don't care. Maybe even make it use two to four times the fuel to produce two to four times the yield. By upping the fuel cost, but making it produce a full four stacks of 99 instead of a pathetic 25 arrows, woodworkers can keep up with the demand. The lowered player market price would butcher the NPC vendor market, giving woodworkers the edge.
To run some quick numbers:
5 combines @ 4 fuel (about 2k arrows) = 7g cost to woodworker. With 200% mark-up, 14g to restock. 7g profit for about 7 minutes of work isn't too shabby.
5 combines @ 16 fuel (about 2k arrows) = 30g cost to woodworker. 200% mark-up = 60g to restock. 30g profit for about 7 minutes of work.
I love the idea of crafting unique types of arrows. Arrows that put out extra taunts, arrows that deal frost or magic damage, arrows that stun the opponent, or snare them. Make those types of arrows difficult to craft. Make those combines that yield the stacks of 25 that sell for rediculous prices.
Spending AA points on something our class NEEDS to function doesn't seem right IMO. I had 35 AA before I spent a single point on the tree. Necromancers don't NEED Life-burn, but it makes them hela-effective. Wizards don't NEED Mana-burn, but it's an amazing tool.
Rangers need arrows. Period. Reduce the timer and increase the yield on Reclaimed Arrows? Yes. Please. It's a joke right now, those arrows last slightly longer than Arrow Rip. The Stream of Arrows line itself burns 20 arrows in 30 seconds. And I have to wait, what, 5 minutes to get 60 arrows when I have it Reclaimed Arrows (Master I)?
Should arrows come in stacks of 99 or 999, I don't know. Should there be quivers that hold 50 stacks? Once again, no idea.
I for one hate the fact my class costs me gobs of money. I am still trying to learn the purpose of our class, because as of yet, it isn't to easily out-dps Assassins, Wizards and the like. But even with the cost and the frustration, I love being a ranger. Devs, please help us enjoy a game we love, and a class we are willing to fight for.
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