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I kinda did a small test.. Not really on purpouse, but it just happend so that we 2 grouped Labs today (up until Vyemm)(this is pretty big for us, as we are not a "hardcore" raiding guild). This took aprox. 5 hours. I found it pretty extreme how much arrows I ended up spending. On a normal Labs run I usually spend about 1 quiver give or take, and of course this went alot slower and you can count alot arrows per mob SMILEYAnyways to add to our little numbersI spent about 5200-5500 arrows on this runit took about 5 hoursSo thats about 1k arrows an hour. which took me about 21 hours and 30 minutes to gather ( I only have an adept 3 and have yet to have enough APs to put into that branch). It took me about 4 times the time I spent using them to gather them. Thats 4/5 of gametime spent gathering, or a ratio of 1:4. This is acceptable IF, you craft on a regular basis or you own one of the DT bows. In all other scenarios you sacrifice something. I wont go into this too much again cause I have allready. But bottom line is, that this affects us more than some people realize, some may have alot of plat saved up and "farm" on a regular basis, but that doesn't mean this in effect does not hold you back compared to other classes. Cause it does.
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