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athitchcock wrote:Woodworker's being hurt by Rangers getting an endless quiver AA? No, not at all. The only player made arrows I have ever purchased were the slashing and crushing ones. And that was only after they took the slashing arrows of the NPC merchants. They just added 2 more classes to the arrow consumption group (pallies and SKs), now there are plenty of other classes that can purchase arrows from woodworkers. Besides the dmg type, there is no advantage to player made arrows. If I had endless quiver and it only gave me piercing arrows, I would still buy slashing / crushing arrows from woodworkers.My biggest problem with arrows is fairly simple. If I get a new sword, it has a dps rating and I'll pretty much do the same dps with it no matter what I do. If I get a new bow, it has a dps rating, but my dps will vary widely depending on what arrows I'm using. And if I run out of arrows, the dps rating is 0 and 75% of my CAs are useless.A fabled bow with tin arrows isn't very fabled.Gnaril

The problem is, woodworkers were changed and sony said.. I still see a high cost!!"While we can't control the prices of arrows that players make we can adjust the functionality of them.  Don't worry we won't be unbalancing the game by making player made ammo so unbalanced your considered "nerfed" unless your using rare t7 arrows.  Rare ammo/potions/poisons aren't ment to be used every time you go out adventuring they are supposed to be a perk that you might use on a raid boss or a hard encounter.  We deffinatly will be considering costs when making these items so we don't end up "nerfing" rangers"  - BeghnAnd as for the tool of the week, id love to see how many people stay around once they make every spell/art they use cost 7s.And quoting the bold, in the context that its in.. Its saying that arrows that woodworkers make should be a "perk" when fighting a hard boss etc.. But by there own words, its not a perk to spend that amount on arrows for a ranger, and its not a perk to buy playercrafted arrows as well.. Thus sony has missed the mark on both of these problems, and should be adressed and fixed immediatly..If I remember correctly, there was another post in stratics saying there was going to be something done..

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