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IMO, I think there should be more arrow summoning bows... they all don't have to have a high dr on them.  You can make them tier appropriate.  It's lame that you have to wait until you get to tier 7 and get lucky for a rare drop in one of the more difficult zones in the game.  I think there should be treasured bows that summon ammo. I think they should summon treasured ammo, maybe a stack every 15min.  They don't have to be the same as the Ichorstrand or Bazkul.  (Personal beef here.... why do FABLED bows summon LEGENDARY ammo?  Why not Fabled?  Does it not make sense that if the bow is fabled and has a component to summon ammo, the ammo should not be fabled too?)  Legendary bows can summon - you guessed it - legendary ammo.  Anyway, I think ammo summoning bows should not be reserved for the lucky high end, top tier raiders.  Those bows, of course, should be the best, but not the only ones.  Something should be done about arrow cost/availability.  Once I got my t7 ammo bow I have not had to buy another arrow.  Why should that privledge be reserved for a few lucky rangers?  If I hadn't been on that raid, I would have spent literally 100s of plat until another ammo summoning bow dropped.  Seems a bit skewed to me.
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