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25% back from a mob assumes all the arrows hit.

We PAY TO MISS as well as do damage.  Not up for that idea.  I think what we have come up with is fine, and NOT AA dependent and NOT cruel to Woodworkers and does NOT mean an endless quiver and does NOT invalidate Ichorstrand/Baazkul.

Without using AAs 1/2 the timers on the normal summon arrow line.  Double the product per tier.  This quadruples output. And take away arrow consumption from CAs.

Ichorstrand and Baazkul are still sought and valuable for the dps increase of T8 ammo

To those that don't need the arrows they don't hit the button every 5 min. People still have to summon if they want them.

Woodworkers get specialty ammo lines with attacks like elemental procs, crit chance, haste or doubleshot applies to ALL ammo lines so everyone can use and buy them.  Make it less tedious and have them make ammo in batches of 100 so they are worthwhile to make.  Can compete with summoned because of unique use, has a wider base of customers, nothing vendor equivalent.  DPS parsing hungry rangers will pay for the edge, specialty arrows might be tactical for some mobs, etc.

Since ammo type on our CAs do not matter now there is no reason for using T[n] summoned arrows for it.  As long as you have arrows in your quiver it should see [ammo=1] and fire.




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