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I'm sorry, I meant to post this last night. But looking at the parse from yesterday it might be "a snarled gnashtooth" and "a glowing thrashclaw" from Stygian Threshold Heroic. There was a timed quest to kill those kobolds so their damage forced us to only pull 2 at a time and we failed the quest. Their slashing damage is hitting for 2.3 - 4.1 mil per hit.

Scenario - Tank pulls one mob. I get directly behind it and I'm perfectly safe. Same thing with 2 kobolds. But when pulling 3, because of how they form a semi circle around the tank, we were getting one shotted. I assumed it was a frontal cone but I guess I'm wrong. It might have just been circumstantial and sporadic damage. It could be aoe with a multiattack?

Something else of note on the parse...

1. Zaraxia is sending "Silk Needles" down range 8 times per second. Max hit was 433k.
2. Nocturna is "Zap"ing us for 7.1 mil max hit. It was the second hardest hitting spell zonewide.
3. Diurna is burning us for between 3.5 and 22.7 million.That 22.7 hit a scout shadow pet. Max on a player was almost 16 mil. By far the hardest hitting spell in the zone.
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