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I am a healer and sorely disappointed in the way the devs are going.. there was one particular dev that said it about right last video cast that came out with the Shard of hate update.. it was their passion for something to happen in a certain way.. it seems to me that the floodgates have been opened up to them sticking their passions in the game for how they want things to be played out..i quit messing around in beta after some of the updates because I wasn't going to beat my head against the wall and give feedback and just be ignored as most have this beta lol...bottom line is.. they will set the game how they want.. we either play it or we wont'.. I hear rumors of heal specific gear to offset whatever horrible mechanic they have put into zones for healing.. but like I said. haven't been on to see it.. and if they is the case, its just another point proven of now we have to go the route of putting on the gear they need we need to wear lol.. it's no longer about building your character.. its about them doing it and you playing along.. all the useless aa's that haven't been retooled.. spells that no longer do what they were intended to do because they don't want to change mechanics.. etc....
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