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I think a much better way of dealing with the underlying problem of Scouts and Fighters being so Auto Attack heavy is not to try to cover the problem with a new mechanic, but to go class by class and rebalance each attack and buff… all of them. I think also working over the Scouts is needed. I think that doing the Fighters is also needed since they seem to have the same underlying problems that the Scouts have. Also when they are doing it also looking over the Healers and Mages would be a good idea.

I will not try to say how to work the Scouts, but I do know a bit about fighters … the changes that they did with making Taunts much larger helped, but I think they can do a better job integrating the DPS changes, Recklessness, Taunts, Snaps, AoE/ST, and Tanking. By working the stances better and not relying on Itemization to make Recklessness work properly. I think if they keep in mind DPS from Abilities and hate from Taunts when they are rebalancing them all, then they can make the Taunts into Damage in Recklessness.
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