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I wanted to post a couple assets that we have made in house that show what I am looking for.  I picked this round shield since I have gotten some round shields as submissions.  This shield is 844 triangles which is still below the 1000 limits.  The geo is used to create silhouette shape.  The uvs are organized to use overlap and reuse of areas so that the texture resolution stays high.  The back of the shield is cut in half on the uv sheet since it didnt need to have an assymetrical look.  It could have even been cut into quads.

You can see in the normal map how the bolts look like little round domes, this will help push the shape.  Most of the noise and color variation in the color map was taken out of the normal map.  The normal map is used to create the illusion of geo by affecting how the light reflects off the surface, and creating shadows. 

Also when creating an item you usually want two levels of interest.  From a distance you will see that the shield has 3 base colors, the silver metal, brass/gold outer edge and the red of the leather and wood.  This creates shapes that can be seen from a distance.  The next is the fine detail of the skulls in the shield, the chains, and bolts that hold the shield together.  You usually want to think of these two levels of detail.  The first shows interest at first glance from a distance, the second shows interest when inspected up close.


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