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a predatory bonesnapper

  • hemotoxin hitting me anywhere form 5.2k to 19.5k a pop.
  • Can't be dmg with rez sickness

They are doable, you just have to cure. I actully like them the way they are, you just can't get more then one on you with out having a healer merc.

a hostile gnorger

  • Can't be dmg with rez sickness
  • Insainly hard and impossible to do with out ding with out being a healer or having a healer merc.

They are easly 200% harder then any mob including name before them and after them. Bring a healer is almost mandatory for them. I killed them off one and two at a time, die and then repeat on each group of them. I then went and got a healer merc and the difficulty went from way down. With how easy the rest of the zone is, scaling them down 200% either by lowering there dmg output or health wouldn't hurt. Or you could bring the other mobs in the zone up in defficulty wouldn't hurt either.

These two mobs are the only one that seem to not take dmg while you have rez sickness the rest you can kill off a will.

After throught; I am still only 92, so the gnorger will prob be a ton easier at 95 but if that is the case the rest of the zone will be a snap. Actually the rest of the zone I almost one shot so bring up the HP on most mobs might be a good idea.

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