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my issues as a paladin in SS faction gear, the ST jewelry set, Ethereal weapon and Charm...was yeah on the Gnorger groups. each one of them little buggers can multiattack, and they have some kinda 2 second buff they put on that makes it worse. they were very nasty.

the Slasher named killed me several times within seconds of him doing his spinning fury. there's nothing that counters him, he's not rooted in place...the only way I beat him was basically popping both my stoneskins and antideath going off. his attacks while in 'spinning fury' mode were around 14-15k per hit. I can't see a clothy even standing a prayer against him. the first time it popped up I just tried to power through it..died in a few hits. second time I saw the red text of him spinning and figured okay, if he spinning around like a tazmanian devil and hitting for 15k a swing...maybe he's rooted so you just back off when he does it. nope, died again.

other then that the zones was pretty fun. the teleporting around from certain mobs was a little disorienting, but not too bad.

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