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Ok, those gnorger encounters are just nearly impossible (it took a while and 2 uses of a repair kit [yeah, I died 18 times], but I got past them all) for me to do on my dirge (who has an inquis merc).  She is equipped in a mix of raid and legendary items, and she just gets smacked dead by them before having time to do much of anything.  I didn't have any real problems with the mobs on the ground (except the couple of difficult scorpions and they just took longer to kill and required heals from my merc), and the Ashlok on the way up to the gnorgers were no problem.  But the gnorgers are a major road block.

Maybe they're sick of eating man eating fleas.

EDIT to add: I swapped out some of her equipment with items from the bauble bag that were a bit of an upgrade for her.  I was able to finally get through the first two three four sets of gnorgers (said as I'm banging my head against the wall and begging my inquisitor merc to toss me a heal BEFORE I get down to 3% health.  Thank the gods for repair kits.  /sigh ).

I have not figured out the "trick" to Merglok the Slasher yet, and when he starts spinning with fury, he rips my dirge and merc to shreds.  I was able to heal through it on my fury and mystic.  I finally made it past him.

I had no problems with the rest of the zone, and it was definitely a very challenging run on a non-healer, however, it was doable with persistance, determination, and effort.  My merc is now asking for hazard pay.

I shall adjust the gnorgers.

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