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I ran this on my ranger Sievert (EM some HM raid gear); the Dot from the bonesnappers would kill me in 2 or 3 ticks if I didn't cure and if I got more then one it was over. I was able to get up to the gnorgers. I wasn't able to get past these. I only had a pally merc but they would make quick work out of him and then come kill me right off. Everything was really easy with the exception of some of the bonesnappers (their dots...) and the gnorgers are just impossible to defeat. They might of been doable with a healer merc but by the time I waited on rez sickness to lift 5 times I was done and didn't have the desire to redo the zone with on. That brings up another issue, you can't dmg anything with rez sickness, I can just see the QQ about this now. Do the current solo zones have this? Plus it makes it a pita trying to test the zone.

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