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Adding my two cents... Tested as fully raid geared, level 95 Wizard.

The NPCs in here inflict way too much damage for this to be legitimately called a solo zone. Incoming damage from a predatory bonesnapper: 10622, 13596 multiattack, DoT 10866. This is far too much damage! Random teleports are highly disoriting and very annoying. I found this zone hard to navigate because everything on the ground looked the same. I couldn't tell if I had killed the NPCs around this corner or not. I found the hostile gnorgers impossible to kill. There are 2 big linked groups of them. They aggro socially, and have lots of HP. I got hit 20 times in 5 seconds of combat with these guys, average hit was 3.7k, total damage incoming 73k. This is 14600 damage per second roughly - this is NOT soloable. After dying 9 times trying to get past the gnorgers, I gave up and left the zone. NPC stoneskin all damage while under res effects. This wastes tons of time, and dying should not be so very easy in a solo zone. This zone is overpowered and underrewarding, and is useless to me as it is.

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