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Kander wrote:

melaine_dvarvensplitter wrote:

Bugged it again, and he is chain casting Spirit Rift after the first time you hide behind the dragon totem. I was standing there and he pulled me out and I got a couple spells off and then he blew me apart with Spirit Rift. I tried moving back into the "safe" spot and there wasn't a safe spot at all.

Perhaps making the safe spots bigger and finding out why he is chain casting spirit rift after one successful "safe" move.

Spirit Rift is a 6 second cast, it should never recast. 

I can look at making the areas bigger.

Ok I am out of pocket for a couple days and will do some extra once overs. If the safe spot is a little bigger that could be a start. 

I will also check on the burn speed. 

Check your pms it should have my toons name and you can check the gear and what not to ball park thedps I put out.  

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