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I see that Out of sight trigger is working nicely, but the problem I am running into is when I get him to about 45%ish, he nails me hard with Spirit Rift for 66k and 67k.

He uses the Burn you but I haven't seen or figured out why he keeps drilling me with Spirit Rift. I had Blessing of the All tender on me and the common SK spells he casts.

He also stoneskins 90% of the time on the pull and same with his essence he puts up.

I also noticed when I have my merc on no actions and just heal me he drills him asap. I do not have the freeport inq.

Check his wanting to call to others for help as well, if he even gets near the totems you hide behind he is calling for help, and you can't move from behind them before he starts moving toward you. The Out of Sight icon is still up while he is moving to me. If I move out I get hit with brutal divine damage.

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