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This was a fun solo instance, and not difficult to figure out.  I ran it on my fully raid geared Mystic, with her pet and the SS inquis merc.  It wasn't difficult to kill the mobs, except for the doom toothed gnorgers (are they supposed to be called gnorgers instead of gorgers?).  The problem I had with those is that there are so many of them in one area and I wasn't able to pull just one group so I had a LOT of them hitting me which made it difficult to cast spells.  Plus, I only have 2 AoE spells, and I can imagine this being really difficult for a non-raid geared casual player with no AoE's.  (Maybe I just pulled too fast and didn't try hard enough to find a way to pull just one group.)

Otherwise, it was a visually interesting zone, and fun to do.  I will have to try it on a non-raid geared character.  SMILEY

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