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Bakamon wrote:

Actually, I like it Becaues its "kill ten of ____" quests.  That part anyway is no different than any of the other starter zones.  My 8 year old neice (brother's son's daughter's little girl) was watching me clear Sebilis the other day; grinding AAs.  She thought that was fun and wanted to play.  I loaded up a spare account on a spare system and sat her down at the character creation screen.  She had no real problem with that but after entering the game it was a constant stream of "Grandpa, where is the _____".  Where's the refugee camp, where's the signal fire, where's the X.

I realize EQ2 wasn't designed for 8 year old little girls, but it got me thinking.  It just looks like the bean counters at SoE require so many time loops build in that a new player spends more time running around than they do building their character.  Queen's Colony is an easy starter zone that a complete newbie can conquer in a few hours.  My neice ended up with a nice little level 5 BL but I just couldnt help but think it would have been so much easier for her to have started in Queen's Colony.

I realize I'm an Ole Phart, but I really liked Queen's Colony as a starter zone.  Just in case this was missed in the first post...

Sony:  I would ---BUY--- a market place  ----TOKEN--- to unlock this zone for my account to play as a newbie.

don't forget the overlord's outpost! 

i started playing just before they wiped the starter islands.  i enjoyed them a lot more than i did neriak and kelethin (only other options at the time).  as a new player, i appreciated all the details in explaining how to play the game.  that is not (or was not) present in the other starting cities.  i had a friend that started in kelethin and he was not going to continue playing the game until i convinced him to try one of the starter islands.  when the EQ2 team added new halas & tim deep, they were superior to neriak & kelethin with the beginner player details but they still lacked the amount of details/ease for a brand new player.   all four remaining zones are more beginner detailed than they were a couple of years ago; however, im no longer a brand new player so i cannot say if they are or are not as good for a brand new player as the starting zones were.

i, too, would buy a reasonably priced market place token to unlock that zone for my accounts to play as a newbie.

p.s., yes these threads pop up every now and then, ppl are not always cheery in their replies, some ppl love the idea, others hate it.  the devs never reply.  this thread will be no different, i'm sure.

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