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Death saves are pointless and have been for some time. Since the devs believe control effect immunities and ae prevents be that class abilities or war runes need to be pointless well their scripts need to follow the guk method of bypassing everything. With wards not being quite as effective now reactives and hots will come further into play but to date no attempt at adjusting reactive trigger count up or increasing the dr on hots has be made to compensate. Taking everything into consideration between the changes to bleedthrough the hidden incoming heal nerf (the mechanics and math of which have been intentionally obfuscated) the nerf to heals inside heroic/raid zones the constant power drains on everything (going back to skyshrine mechanics of power drains everywhere was not a fun time than and it wont be here) the select dots that must not be cured so year I would think healers are somewhat pissed. The dev team should really not use the phrase "we're players too" when they won't or can't play healers and than set out to set up shackles on our legs as we try to keep groups green. It's also why the devs re silent on this thread they got called on the carpet and instead of manning up and provide part of the discussion (feedback is a 2 way of now its only 1 way) they hope the anger dissipates when we go live so they won't.
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