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I was banned for pointing out that training monkies are a alternative to not releasing content that was originally in the game and them making a profit off of not adding content to the game.

Is that aggressive. No.

That's me voicing an opinion and giving feedback that is constructive in the sense that players feel betrayed because of the way that the situation regarding guild halls was handled. For example you now look at training dummies in guild halls, instead of making monkeys the new "dummies" they put them behind a pay wall that requires you to pay money to test your abilities against mobs that are similar in mitigation and health to raid bosses.

This now comes into a situation of not being able to comfortably provide feedback unless its a positive comment without the fear of being banned. This is why alternative websites for this game were so rampant, because it was the only place to voice your opinions freely, developers also read those seperate forums. Nothing will improve without giving opinions from all sides, hand picking opinions and silencing others isn't healthy for any situation.

I know of players who have been banned solely off of private messages to developers, not a single thing said in actual channels.

The main issue is the fact that information that is said solely on discord is not available in another medium, if players instead of being banned were given a "no speaking" rank in discord the entire issue of being "banned" from speaking and being barred from information would be resolved.

Instead now players are required to either:

A. Make a new account and not talk to avoid being banned.
B. Ask others about information
C. Pray the information gets relayed in another source either the forums or the eq2 twitter account.

Nothing about healing has changed, wards/heals are just debuffed to a sense that they aren't 100% heals, which was the way healing was originally designed.

The way that the nerf went about was wrong, they should of debuffed the original tooltips of heals to allow them to be analyzed without hidden mechanics in play.

"For people who are 'pushing' their toons, this game is a numbers game.. for healing as well as dps. Unfortunately, it appears that the devs have decided that healers should be denied useful information about how their heals actually perform."

I copied this comment from your earlier post, this game isn't always about numbers, because you can't just analyze the numbers of a class. Heal parses in this game have always been somewhat silly to look at because you also have to factor in the other utility bonuses to class, such as stoneskins, damage reductions etc.

Instead of bleedthrough wards should of just been nerfed to a number that didn't allow wards to absorb all damage, and the damage also needs to not be so ridiculous that only the strongest potential classes like druids are able to heal through it.

That was one of the great parts about tears of veeshan, a shaman could ward enough to heal through majority of the aoes and a druid could also keep up with the damage, yet the damage wasn't so high that wards were required to actually live through the aoes because the damage happened in ticks as opposed to high hits. I'm sure a few will disagree with this, but as someone who cleared that expansion and someone who was in a guild that ww1sted it I can comfortably say that based on our experiences any class could heal any mob.
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