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ToV was when the mysterious "cap" was put on LB, when hit points started to soar. It really hasn't been good since before that expansion, which was what, CoE?

My bad with the terminology, I know it's not "broken" per say. But with as long as we necros have gone without having our class defining ability as a viable dps option, it sure feels like it's broken. I still use it from time to time, yes all you other necros can now start shaming me I really don't care, but I know many people that don't even take the AA anymore, which is sad. I am unable to play beta right now so I can't say if they have done anything to it, and based on the update notes so far I see they haven't, but if they have, then great. But if not, then it really needs to be looked at as it's something we've been asking for years now.
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