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A couple points to keep in mind on the summoner front and someone can try and correct me if they are sure I'm wrong but Ive been playing the class and kept up with this stuff for 10 years.

1- The primary pet has always supposedly shared stats fully since they made shared stats a thing. It lost some of the trasparency when they chose to remove the stat on the pet tab but no patch note to date that I recall implies they ever lowered that percentage.

2- What they did lower was swarm pet sharing in a patch that followed up the one posted above. I remember the few months it stayed at full sharing. It was a little like being a warlock in this expac i 2-3 buttons and those were your I win buttons.

3- I havent had much of a chance to get in and test swarm pets response past seeing the mastery rune isnt working. If full main pet sharing was working and fine before and now shows same gains as swarms with increased fervor it might imply the sharing is working fine.

4- The lack of increase to pet damage as fervor increases is odd but i have seen it mentioned that above 100.. fervor increases to damage are wierd and not what youd expect. Have tou tried testing one of your own spells at the fervor changes you mentioned?

5- This is where the spreadsheet geeks need to step in but there may also be issue with scaling based purely on spell quality on swarm pets. It was widely known in PoP that upgrading swarms to an ancient level showed very little gain compared to other Ancients. Being too cheap to ancient out much i cant attest personally to much as far as how much damage gain your average ancient spell contributes over grandmaster in actual combat. If swarms are for one reason or another below the norm it should be addressed..specially with new spell tiers

6- some transparancy on the pet page would be greatly appreciated if full stat sharing is the goal (and i think most the summoner community agrees it is the preferred solution)
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