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Which would you rather? Having that charm as it currently is or Panic scripts? Tongue Allowing players to super buff their potency/fervor by extreme amounts and not getting the negative of it taking up a slot they could put something else in bypasses the intention. So it was made where you can't do that. Essentially it was being used as a third charm. On top of that it severely affected tanks being able to hold aggro at the beginning of the fight since everyone basically attempts to death touch their target before it wears off Tongue I understand the frustration with it being changed, who doesn't want to do tons and tons of damage? But this one was way too far off the deep end.

We can discuss making them unable to be interrupted though. Ultimately, its up to the mechanics folks. I just make boss fights Smile

UPDATE: Just spoke with Caith and we will be making all these effects unable to be interrupted, so they are easier to use in combat. We are not going to be changing that they can only be used in combat though.
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