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I actually asked in general chat why I was barely damaging the mobs in the Obulus Frontier and no one could answer. I wasn't the only one asking either.
Over the years I have resigned myself that there was a large part of the game I was excluded from. I left for a while, and when I came back, trying to keep up with gear and trying to get into heroics became virtually impossible for me. I play casually and even with the dungeon finder I just never felt like being sneered at by elitists.

So I decided that I didn't mind soloing and since there were then solo and advanced solo instances I made sure I was well enough geared to blow through those instances and felt good about the game.

I enjoy tradeskilling and decorating and I find harvesting relaxing. So I've found something to do in each expansion until now.

There are super rare harvest nodes which give one random rare... hmm

The tradeskill quest now excludes the most fun part of it.. the boat.

And unlike ANY other expansion, killing trash in this place feels like I am a completely undergeared noob trying to kill in a heroic instance... Not my cup of tea. Not the direction I want to go in.

All of the prerequisits for the tradeskill and adventure lines I didn't mind. I was on live servers to do those and was really excited about the expansion... Until now...
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