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Humble request: if they're going to be upgraded for KA, can you please do a broad balance pass of the effects? Some of the cloaks are Jesus-like amazing (defiler, fury, illy), some of them are ok (conj), some of them are meh (most of the rest), and some of them are absolutely terrible.

If we need a relatively rare raid drop from TOT plus a quest to upgrade it (or just a rare drop from KA raids to replace it), that's a pretty steep curve and it'd be nice if everyone was happy with their cloak's effect, rather than just putting it on because there really isn't much else available.

As an easy solution to balancing some of the cloaks, if they have an "improve Ability X" effect on it, in most cases they add a static amount of potency. I believe Beastlord cloak was 200POT when I tested it. That may have been somewhat cool 4 xpacs ago, but against 15-20k sheet POT, it's basically no change. Recommend a % boost to the base ability damage.
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