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Wurm, and others, I agree with your sentiments to an extent. It's not that hard to do any of these things, and in many cases it is fun. But compare joining the game during AoM, jumping right into that content and having fun for a few months, then being able to jump right into ToT and having fun for almost a year--and being able to complete all quest lines either trade or adventure without having to go backwards-- to now, and it's a completely different story.

I had fun going back to do the greenmist and epic weapon on one character. But it was a chore to do it twice. So now, my ranger will gather dust. My paladin will certainly gather dust, and my provisioner and jeweler will be out of work as well. And after getting to a place where I was still having to do a lot to get one character ready, then there was yet another thing that I had to do on at least one character--which also then became a decision maker in terms of do I even want to have 2 tradeskills maxed before heading into new content? And that is a decision that kind of sucks to make and was not a decision I even had to think about before when I made 3 fully leveled crafters during AoM and ToT. Self imposed future restriction? Kind of. But it's not the same as it was in my playtime here from AoM to now, and it's a change that I totally disagree with.

It makes sense on a lore level. It even makes sense on a sort of fun level if I only had one character who I enjoyed. But the idea that this game wants us to play only one character and have played that character for years, just seems to be rearing its head quite a bit more with this content and is a fairly huge change from what my experience in this game has been. It is cool that there is a lot of old content to explore when I want to check it out. I have done some chrono missions. I enjoy them. It is totally annoying when that old content becomes a requirement. And I hope they discontinue this practice in the future.

Also, sure it only takes 2 or 3 hours to do certain things. It also takes about 5 or so hours, if you sit there diligently doing it, to level a trade from 1-95 and then another handful of hours from 95 to 100. but let's look at it like this, those 2 or 3 or 5 hours might be the only hours I get to spend on the game on a particular weekend or week. And I want to be doing things that are new and fun, or at least current and fun, and not things that are necessary/required and old. "Sorry guys, I can't take my new character out on a fun dungeon group right now if I ever want to be ready for the expansion. Oh yeah, I wasn't able to make any plat for the last month because I spent my whole time doing old content for prereqs, so I guess I'll need to spend even more time doing plat grinds when the expansion lands rather than just enjoying my time."

You all make sense, but it doesn't change the fact that they are turning the game into much more of a chore by doing this, and it will cause people to get frustrated and leave. It already has caused a number of people to drop their alts. And for those reasons alone, it shouldn't be the way things are done.
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