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I do agree that it seems daunting when you first look at the walkthrough (and there is more than a little PTSD from having done many of these things when they were first available). One thing to remember is that you are now crazy over-powered compared to how things were back then. You can do all of these quests grey, you have access to travel that we would have killed for back then, and we have walkthroughs that give every step in order. It really doesn't take as long as it feels like it will.

And even if you aren't a lore person (my brain starts to melt with all of the "K'nah angered her farther Bl'argh, which started the Fifty Minute War, which caused the splintering of the race of Emnumnums"), Daybreak has frickin' knocked it out of the park with this expansion. The callbacks to the last twelve years, the weaving of current and past and long-past tales, the way the tradeskill and adventure lines mesh with each other, and the implementing of old zones and trick into the new's really impressive.

So yeah, it looks frustrating, and a lot of us just want to jump in and *play* on day one, but give it a shot. We have some time before release to get stuff done on Live, so you *will* be able to jump right in. Kander has confirmed that at least for the adventure signature line, once you run one toon through it, you'll be able to get a bauble for your alts (that will cover Greenmist and the languages). For the Epic weapon and the tradeskill Grandmaster cloak (from Brytthel's final quest), those are both *epics*, so no baubles for them...but they are purely optional, just like the original weapon and master cloak.

I grumbled and groaned too. A lot. But when I actually sat down and did it, it really wasn't that bad and the results were worth the time invested.
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