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This update should occur around 7pm PST.





Fixed an issue that prevented voice overs working with socials.




Added a video input device selection dropdown for SOEmote in the Options (Advanced) - SOEmote.




Aulus Crispian in Freeport and Khalil'mun in Qeynos Capitol District now sell "an emerald gem", which had previously only been available from Dondl Fuzzlecutter in The Baubbleshire or Merchant Vlepo in Temple Street.


Plane of War x4 Raid

In the general Teku fight warboars have less health and run slower, war wraiths will turn to face attackers sooner than before.

Eriak the Fetid – Echo of Terror adds will no longer cast demonic flames as soon as they spawn.




Battlefield of Ganak

The snare effect while carrying the flag now snares for 30% instead of 75%.




Krogon, Staff of the War Wraith now has the proper amount of multi-attack.

Sanguine Claws of Dracurion Accord is now a 4 second delay.

Aleist, Stave of Prime Wrecking. Buffs that are cast with Deception of War should now adhere to the caster. The proc should also work on any combat hit as well as spell casting.




Moving to Qeynos – The quest journal now gives Ambassador Duryo’s accurate location.

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