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Tekadeo wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

Dehates and all would be one thing.

But as I see it, one of the primary issues I have is hatemod.  I need to change AA and gear if I'm going to use reckless and not have agro all the time.

Then again, as posted elsewhere, I'm having little issue surviving MTing raids in reckless, so the whole thing is silly.

WTB -5 hate positional proc on incoming hit.  Fixed.

No one should be tanking in this stance, even if their gear says they can.  It's not what it's intended for and makes every person complaining about Reckless right.  And it's the devs' fault for not fixing it to discourage any person from actually tanking with it.

I agree with you.  I love the idea of a reckless stance but, like anything else, it has to be done right.

Recklessness was intended so that extra fighters beyond those needed for tanking could be useful in a DPS role.  Not so they could do more damage while tanking.  SoE was slipshod by not taking the time to redo it as necessary to get it right (sound familiar?)

All the snap aggros need to be reworked for their behavior while in reckless.  They should not be hate increasers.  As with other DPS classes a few could be turned into dehates, but some fighter classes have so many snap aggroes that they can't all be turned into dehates or DPS fighters won't have to worry as much about ripping aggro as a regular T1 class.  If SoE can't find anything else for them to do in reckless  they should just do nothing; or at least the positional portion should be removed while in reckless.

And I think it entirely reasonable that tanking gear be completely incompatible with DPS gear.  If you want to do both you should have two sets of gear.

If the mob is easy enough and the healer good enough, it is indeed possible to tank with a DPS class.  I do it on a beastlord frequently  in heroic content when a fighter isn't available.  A fighter in reckless should only be able to tank what a DPS melee class could tank with comparable gear and healing.  A DPS tanking does not have access to the tools that a reckless fighter has tanking.  How those tools work in reckless needs to be *fixed*. 

The goal of all of this to make tanking in reckless no better then a DPS class tanking. I.e. something that's only done as a last resort.  You don't see DPS classes tanking for raids.  The same should be with tanking in reckless.  Not something that you would do on purpose.

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